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Conversation Starters for Couples – Helps Build Strong Marriages and Relationships


  • COMMUNICATION IS KEY TO KEEP RELATIONSHIPS STRONG – A recent survey found that poor communication was the most common factor leading to divorce among couples. Therefore, we have created a tool that will help increase communication and build stronger marriages and relationships.
  • KEEP COMMUNICATION AT THE FOREFRONT OF YOUR RELATIONSHIP – An investment in improving your communication with these fun, communication cards is a way to promote the longevity of your marriage itself. These cards can also be used in therapy sessions if a marriage is currently in turmoil, but on its way towards vitality again.
  • COMMUNICATION CARDS ALSO MAKE A FUN DATE-NIGHT GAME/ACTIVITY – Use these cards to prompt conversation. Take them with you on your date night. Pull over to a scenic overlook and go through a few of the cards to learn more about your partner. These communication cards take away the awkwardness of trying to find the words to spark a conversation. They also take the pressure away from one spouse or individual to always be the one to come up with “what to talk about.”
  • PERFECT FOR COUPLE’S GROUP, GAME NIGHT WITH FRIENDS, OR CHURCH GROUPS – These conversation cards are also ideal for a night with friends or to use at church in a couples group. They help open the lines of communication within a group and promote many funny exchanges and encourage laughter, openness and growth.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT FOR NEWLYWEDS AND VALENTINES DAY. THE GIFT OF RELATIONSHIP LONGEVITY – This makes the perfect gift for new couples just starting their lives together or even those in long-term relationships who might be thinking about marriage.

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Good communication leads to the road of success.

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