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Conversation Starter Cards: Autism


The majority of children in today’s world struggle with confidence and self-esteem.  Kids with Autism or Aspergers are no different. They all have feelings and want to be heard.   

Letz Talk Makes It Easy to Express Their Innermost Thoughts

Many times parents are not sure what to ask to find out what is on a child’s mind.  This is where Letz Talk cards are a great tool to begin a conversation.


Product Description

  • ALL KIDS WANT TO BE HEARD! – LetzTalk Autism Cards contains 60 thought provoking conversation starters to help kids with autism express themselves.
  • USE ANYWHERE – Great for use during dinner time, car rides, bedtime, in classrooms or anywhere else you want to build communication and confidence.
  • IMPROVE SELF-ESTEEM – These conversation starter cards not only help improve self-esteem and self-growth but also promotes communication skills. Great for autistic kids and those with Aspergers.
  • GREAT FOR SCHOOL AND HOME – Children can respond to Question Cards verbally and in picture form. Teachers have found that LetzTalk™ cards offer intriguing topics that allow their students to express themselves.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT! – Give the gift of great communication and connection.


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