When Confidence is built at home, kids can change the world

The Secret to Creating Confident Children

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The CareMail™ Mailbox

Here’s a fun way to get kids talking!  Our original CareMail™ Mailbox is the perfect size for use in the home, classroom, office or car.Question Cards allow children to open up and share their thoughts.

CareMail™ Card Sets

CareMail™ Card Sets are age appropriate and come in either questions or combination packs.  Each set include 40 pre-printed cards, 10 blank cards and 10 write-on cards.

Adult Relationship Building Cards

A fun and exciting way to allow adults to open up and share their thoughts and emotions.Good communication leads to the road of success


Bronwyn E. Rains

“I have been a nationally certified school psychologist for 27 years and a licensed clinical professional counselor for ten years. After using CareMail™, I wholeheartedly endorse the potential benefits and effectiveness of this amazing tool.”

Bronwyn E. Rains NCSP, LCPC, Psychologist

Amy Patton

“I can tell you It is a proven fact that when children are allowed to express their feelings, they become more confident and self assured. These cards provide a fun twist to their journaling exercise and they now look forward to this part of their day.”

Amy Patton 4th Grade Teacher, 14 years

Lauren Drainer

“I took your challenge and selected 10 question cards at random. My 12 year old son then answered these ten questions and I also wrote what I thought he would say. I can tell you that my guess was that eight of our answers would match when actually only three of our answers were the same. ”

Lauren Drainer Proud Mother