Five Tips To Find Out If You Are A Good Parent

Five Tips To Find Out If You Are A Good Parent

  • Posted by deedeefanning
  • On August 23, 2017
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No matter if you chose parenthood or it chose you, every mother and father want to get that good parenting award. Are you a good parent?

Webster defines the word parent as a mother or father. As a mother of three, that definition feels way too simplified. Parenting is hard and involves a great deal more than providing food, shelter and care. We must encourage, communicate, correct, love, direct, lead, and the list goes on and on. It is both the most challenging and rewarding job that will ever be experienced.

Although we try hard, many times we fall short to our children’s needs. However, unconditional love and allowing them the freedom and strength to be the person they were created to be is the evolution of parenting.

Think about this. Society has us believing that if we mold and direct our children to be smart, talented and successful, then we must be great parents. If we talk about the good things they accomplish but never mention the struggles and shortcomings, in our mind we get the good parenting award. We can now take a breather and pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. We can spend our days ahead talking about how Johnny scored the winning goal during the championship game or how Sandra got into Princeton which allows our egos to shine like the brightest star in the galaxy.

The challenging question inside all of us is, am I parenting the way that best benefits my child? Children are born into this world as their most authentic selves. As parents, we then take them and mold them into something we want them to be. Are you strong enough and brave enough to look inward and ask, am I parenting my child to live their most authentic life or only to be a reflection of me? Here are five tips to being a great parent.

1. Be a good listener. As parents, it is natural to spend more time talking than listening. We think our advice is best and we spend most of our time advising and directing. When we choose to talk instead of listen, we lose out on what our children are thinking and feeling. All kids want to be heard. Take time every day to listen to your children. Being a good listener is being a good parent.

2. Praise your kids for trying. Praising your children for trying is more important than the end result. Praising your child is a critical part of fostering their confidence and self-esteem. However, it is vital that you encourage your children to try new and challenging activities through praise, rather than rewarding them for things that come easy.

3. Encourage your child’s independence – Parents must set limits to ensure their child develops self-control. We also must encourage independence to create self-direction. To be successful in life, your child will need both.

4. Spend quality time with your children – Spending quality time with your children makes them feel valued and loved. When children feel worthy they develop self-love, confidence and can change the world.

5. Embrace their individuality – Encourage, Empower and Embrace your child’s individuality. Each child was created as a unique individual. When we mold them into something that we want them to be, we prohibit them from being all they can be. There is no better gift than allowing your children to be themselves.

It is important to remember that our children are not us. They may choose a different direction. Being the best parent possible is allowing them the freedom and courage to be themselves and loving them along the way. This will get you the gold star every time.

Every day is a new day.
Love yourself and love your kids